What can you not take on an air plane?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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weapons,paint,well you can take a phone on the plane but you have to turn it off.

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Q: What can you not take on an air plane?
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How do you move to Tennessee?

you take an air plane

Delta Air Lines what you can not take on plane?

An explosive device.

Why do your ears pop when you take off in a an air plane?

because of the loudness in the plane engine but you can chew gum it will help.

What keeps a plane in the air?

Lift keeps an airplane in the air because drag is a counteract. Drag is what makes the plane crash. To have to much drag you need something like a flap pointing toward the front of the plane. If you take off the flap, you have more lift. Plane wings are tilted upward so that whenyou take off, the air is pushing the most downward part up, therefore causing lift, keeping the plane in the air.

How long does it take for mail to get from Florida to Korea?

Well.... When you send by Aeroplane(Air plane) it will take 2 to 4 days (Except Weekends and Holidays)And When You Send by Ship it will take 40 Days to 60 DaysAeroplane(Air plane) is much Expensive than ShipIf it's emergency or something send by Aeroplane(Air plane)

How long would it take to get to Jupiter by plane?

A plane could not fly to Jupiter because planes need air to fly in and there is no air in the space between ?Earth and Jupiter.

Can you take a car seat in the air plain without buying a seat?

No. *plane*

What speed does it take to keep a jet in air?

Propulsion is what keeps a jet in the air. Otherwise the plane has to fall down. Propulsion keeps the air always flowing over the wing which in turn keeps the plane afloat.

How long is the drive from Winnipeg to Ottawa?

A long few days probably not long by plane if you do take a plane fly air Canada

Which airport did Air France plane take off before it crashed in June 2009?

The Air France plane took off from Rio de Janeiro's International Airport in Brazil.

How long is it to travel by air from Toronto to Hawaii?

By plane, it would take about 10 hours.

Can you take bottled water in a checked bag onto an air plane.?

If it is less the 100ml