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It will have interior angles of 45, 45 and 90 degrees.

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Q: What does an isosceles right triangle look like?
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What does an isosceles triangle that is not a right triangle look like?

An isosceles triangle has two same sides and one different side.

What does a right isosceles triangle look like?

It is an isosceles triangle with a right angle between the sides of equal length. Also the equal angles are 45o. * * * * * Take a square, draw one of its diagonals. The shape that is on one side of that diagonal is a right isosceles triangle.

What does an acute isosceles triangle look like?

if you know what a acute triangle looks like and you know what a isosceles triangle looks like just combined them together and then find the angles and degrees you'll find what a acute isosceles triangle looks like if you got the degrees right and angles

What a isosceles look like?

An isosceles triangle is a triangle with 2 of it's sides even. An equilateral triangle has all even sides.

What does a biological hazard marking look like?

Right isosceles triangle with a blue background and red lettering

How does an isosceles triangle look when it is a right triangle?

An isosceles triangle will have equal sides and 2 equal angles of 45 degrees plus a 90 degree angle.

What does a acute equilateral look like?

It probably is a isosceles triangle

How does an isosceles right triangle with vertical axis looks like?

It will look like a right angle triangle with a 90 degree angle and two 45 degree angles and will have one line of symmetry

What does a CBRN hazard marker for biological hazard look like?

Right isosceles triangle with a yellow background and red lettering

What does an isosceles obtuse triangle look like?

It has 3 sides

What does an isoscels triangle look like?

An isosceles triangle has two same sides and the bottom is different

Does and isosceles trapezord look like?

It looks like an isosceles triangle with its top cut off by a line parallel to its base.

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