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Q: What is a 8 sided 3 dimensional shape called?
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What is a 7 sided 3 dimensional shape called?

A heptagon.

What is a 65 sided shape called?

a polyhedron (if the shape is 3 dimensional) a polygon if it is a planar shape.

18 sided 3d shape?

An 18 sided shape is called a octadecagon. This refers to both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes in a mathematical sense.

Name of 5 sided shape?

A 5-sided 2-dimensional figure is a pentagon and a 5-sided 3-dimensional shape is a pentahedron.

What is the name for the 8 sided shape?

An octagon is an 8 sided 2 dimensional shape. A cylinder with the base of a hexagon (6 sided shape) would be an 8 sided 3 dimensional shape.

What is a twelve sided structure called?

A 12 sided figure is called a dodecagon. A 3-dimensional shape with 12 faces is called a dodecahedron.

What is a two thousand sided shape called?

If a polygon (2 dimensional shape) then it is a 2000-gon. If a polyhedron (3 dimensional solid), then it is a 2000-hedron.

What is a shape with 12 sides called?

If it's a 2-dimensional shape, like lines drawn on paper, a 12 sided shape is called a dodecagon. If it's 3-dimensional, like a 12-sided die, then it's called a dodecahedron.dodecagon

14 sided 3d shape?

A 14-sided and 3-dimensional shape is called either a tetrakaidecahedron or tetradecahedron. This 14-sided polyhedron can have six quadrilateral and eight hexagonal faces.

What do you call a 3 dimensional 5 sided shape?

A pyramid

What is a 29 sided shape?

In geometry a 29 sided shape is referred to as an icosikaidigon. The shape closely resembles an 3 dimensional octagon.

What is a 3-Dimensional 3 sided triangle called?


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