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The San Andreas fault is a transform plate boundary.

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Q: What is a real-world example of a transform plate boundary?
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What is an example of a divergent plate boundary and a transform plate boundary?

Divergent plate boundary: Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Transform plate boundary: San Andreas Fault.

What plates make up the transform boundary?

There is more than one transform boundary, an example is the Scotia plate and the South American plate as well as the Juan de Fuca plate and the North American plate.

What type of plate boundary forms where two plates slide past one another?

That is called a boundary or a transform-fault boundary. :D

What plate boundary is not associated with volcanoes?

A transform plate boundary

Types of plate boundaries?

what is the type of plate boundary? divergent, convergent, and transform

What is the plate boundary called?

transform boundary

What is the name of the plate boundary that slides past each other?

transform boundary

What are the all the boundary?

Convergent plate boundary, divergent plate boundary and strike-slip (transform) plate boundary.

Is a transform fault boundary?

A transform fault boundary is a conservative plate boundary. This is what gets rid of lithosphere.

What type of plate boundary is the queen charlotte fault?

It is a transform plate boundary.

Can a continental and oceanic plate have a transform boundary?

Yes. An example is the San Andreas Fault, a transform boundary between the Pacific (oceanic) and the North American (continental) plates.

What are the 3 types of plate boundarys?

divergent plate boundary- a boundary where two plates move apart from each other. convergent plate boundary- a boundary where two plates move towards each other so that one plate can sink beneath the other. transform plate boundary- a boundary where one plate slips along side another plate.