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17 units in length

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Q: What is the distance of the point -15 8 from the origin of 0?
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What is the distance between the origin and the point (5 12)?

Distance from (0, 0) to (5, 12) using distance formula is 13

What is the distance of each point from 0 called?

The distance of a point from 0 is called its magnitude or absolute value. It is the measure of how far the point is from the origin on a number line or coordinate system.

What is the real number that corresponds to a point on a number line?

It is the distance from the origin (point 0) to the given point, taking account of the scale.

How do you find the distance between the origin of a cartesian coordinate system and a point?

To find the distance between the origin and the point (x,y) use Pythagoras on the right angled triangle which has the points (0, 0), (x, 0), (x, y) - the distance is the hypotenuse of the triangle and so has length: distance = √(x2 + y2) This can be extended to find the distance between any two points (x1, y1) and (x2, y2): distance = √((x2 - x1)2 + (y2 - y1)2) (for the original question (x1, y1) is the origin (0, 0) and the first formula results.)

What is the distance between the origin of a Cartesian coordinate system and the point -6 7?

Using the Law of Pythagoras, you get square root of (62 + 72).The distance between the origin and the point ( -6, 7 ) is ~9.22To find the distance, we use the distance formula.c2 = a2 + b2This is an adaptation from the Pythagorean theorem. In this case, a is the difference in x coordinates; b the difference in y.The Cartesian origin is at ( 0, 0 ). So...c2 = ( -6 - 0 )2 + ( 7 - 0 )2c2 = -62 + 72c2 = 36 + 49c2 = 85c =~ 9.22

If you plotted point 0 0 on an xy plane would the point be located in a quadrant or at the origin?

at the origin

Which point is on the origin?

It is where the x and y axes intercept at right angles at the point of origin which is at (0, 0)

Where do the x axis and y axis intersect?

At the point of the origin which is at (0, 0)

What point do the axes cross in a graph?

It is at the point of origin which is at (0, 0)

Example of force that moves but does no work?

work = force . distance. Since Force and distance are both vectors (work is the dot product), when the net distance = 0 (back to the point of origin), work = 0. That is, if the force is such that it moves the object back to the point of origin, it has done zero work. A centripetal force is one example. The distance = 0 when the object finishes one complete revolution. No work has been done since the beginning of the revolution.

What is the point of origin in an ordered pair?

The origin, in the Cartesian coordinate system, is the point with coordinates (0, 0). So, if you have another ordered pair, the ordered pair doesn't "have an origin"; rather, the origin is another point.

Where is a point located if it has the same x-coordinate as the origin?

The origin is (0, 0), so the x-coordinate of the origin is 0. The point is located somewhere along the line x = 0, which is called the y-axis.