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You Must Draw A Line Through The POINT.


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Q: What is the first step in constructing a perpendicular at a point on a line?
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What construction do you perform twice when you are constructing a parallel to a line through a point not on the line using paper folding?

You construct a line perpendicular to the original and then a line perpendicular to this second line.

Joaquin is constructing the perpendicular bisector of line AB. What should be his first step?

Place the point if the compass on point B and draw an arc across AB.

is this statement true or falseThe steps for constructing a line perpendicular to a given line through point P are the same whether P lies on the line or not.?


What is the perpendicular postulate?

The perpendicular postulate states that if there is a line, as well as a point that is not on the line, then there is exactly one line through the point that is perpendicular to the given line.

What is the definition of distance from point to line?

It the point is on the line the distance is 0. If the point is not on the line, then it is possible to draw a unique line from the point to the line which is perpendicular to the line. The distance from the point to the line is the distance along this perpendicular to the line.

How is constructing a perpendicular bisector different to constructing an angle bisector?

A perpendicular bisector is a straight line that divides a side of a triangle in two and is at right angles to that side. An angle bisector is a straight line that divides an angle of a triangle in two.

What is a line perpendicular to a surface called?

The line perpendicular to a surface at a point is called the normal

Where do perpendicular line intersect?

The point

What is the shortest path between a line and a point not on that line?

The shortest path is a line perpendicular to the given line that passes through the given point.

Which of these is equal to the distance from a point to a line?

the length of a perpendicular segment from the point to the line

When constructing a perpendicular bisector why must the compass opening be greater than the length of the segment?

So that the arc is mid-way in perpendicular to the line segment

The shortest segment from a point to a line?

. . . is the segment perpendicular to the line.

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