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first triple digit pentagonal pyramidal number is 126

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Q: What is the first triple digit pentagonal pyramidal number?
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What is the first triple-digit pentagonal pyramid number?


What is a number with more than one digit?

A double digit number, triple digit number........

You are a 4 digit number your hundreds digit number is triple your thousands digit the number formed by your tens and ones digit is triple the number formed by your thousands and hundreds digits?


What is a double digit number?

It is a number with two digits in it. So it goes into the "tens" place of the numbers. Basically any whole number from 10 to 99. See how any number between those numbers only has 2 numbers, or digits that make up the number? 9 would only be a single-digit number, and 100 would be a triple-digit number.

How many triple digit numbers are there?

there are 999 - 100 + 1 = 900 positive triple digit positive integers, between 100 and 999.(e.g. there are 102 - 100 + 1 = 3 triple digit integers between 100 and 102,namely 100, 101 and 102.)multiply that by 2 to take in consideration of the negative integers,you have 1800 triple digit integers.

How do you decide if a two-digit number is a multiple of a one-digit number?

Divide the two-digit number by the one-digit number. If the remainder is zero then the 2-digit number is a multiple and if not, it is not.

When you divide a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number will the answer ever be a 1 digit number?


If you add a two digit number to a two digit number do you get a four digit number?

No. When adding the smallest 2 digit number (= 10) to the smallest 2 digit number (again, 10) the result is a 2 digit number (10 + 10 = 20). When adding the largest 2 digit number (= 99) to the largest 2 digit number (again, 99) the result is a 3 digit number (99 + 99 = 198). As you can see, you'll either get a 2 or 3 digit number, but never a 4 digit number.

What is the greatest possible product of a 4 digit number and a 3 digit number?

9999 is the 4-digit number and 999 is the 3-digit number.

What is the predecessor of 3 digit number?

A smaller 3 digit number or a 2 digit number (99).

What is the greatest product of a 2 digit number multiplied by a 1 digit number?

2 digit number

Smallest eight digit number to the largest eight digit number?

10,000,000 is the smallest 8 digit number 99,999,999 is the largest 8 digit number

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