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The median to the hypotenuse of a right triangle that is 12 inches in length is 6 inches.

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Q: What is the length of the median to the hypotenuse of a right triangle if the hypotenuse is 12 inches in length?
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The median to the hypotenuse of a right triangle divided the triangle into two triangles that are both what?


What median of an isosceles triangle is the same segment in the triangle as the leg bisector hypotenuse altitude?

It is the median which divides the side which is not one of the equal sides.

How do you find the height of an isosceles triangle if its length is 12m and base 10m?

In a isosceles triangle, the altitude is also a median. If we draw the altitude, then two congruent right triangles are formed, with hypotenuse length of 12m and base length 5 m (10/2). So the length of hypotenuse, by the Pythagorean theorem is h^2 = 12^2 - 5^2 h = √(144 - 25) h = √119 h ≈ 10.9

If x be the length of a median of an equilateral triangle then its area is?


What is the formula to calculate the length of median of a triangle?

m^2=(2b^2+2c^2-a^2)/4 where m is the median of triangle ABC.

Can the median of an equilateral triangle be longer than its altitude?

For the equilateral triangle in Euclidean space(i.e, the triangles you see in general) median is the same as its altitude. So, both are of equal length.

What is a median of a triangle?

A median of a triangle is a line from a vertex of the triangle to the midpoint of the side opposite that vertex.

Can a median triangle also consider as a base?

The median of a triangle cannot be considered as a base of that triangle.

Is median of a triangle bisect it's angle?

The median of a triangle bisects its side

Prove theorem the height of an isosceles triangle is the median?

The theorem is only true if the base is the side of different length.To see this consider the right angled isosceles triangle with sides 1, 1 and √2. If one of the sides of length 1 is the base, the height is obviously the other side of length 1, but it clearly does not meet the base at its mid-point to make it a median.So with an isosceles triangle ABC with sides AB & AC equal, angles ABC & ACB equal and side BC the base, we need to prove that the point X where the height (AX) meets BC is such that BX = CX.Consider triangles AXB and AXC.Angle AXB is a right angle, as is AXC (since AX is a height of triangle ABC).Side AB is the hypotenuse of triangle AXB; AC is the hypotenuse of triangle AXC; they are known to be equal (from isosceles triangle ABC)Side AX is common to both trianglesThus triangles AXB and AXC are congruent since we have a Right-angle, Hypotenuse, Side match.Thus XB must be the same length as XC, that is X is the mid-point of BC.As X is the mid-point of BC, AX is the median.

What area property does the median of a triangle have?

Each median divides the area of a triangle into halves.

How do you calculate the missing length of a triangle?

It depends on what other information you have. Knowing the lengths of two sides of a triangle is not enough to calculate the third. You need to have some further information: and angle, the area, the length of an altitude or a median.