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octagon-8 sides

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Q: What is the name of a polygon that has twice as many sides as a quadrilateral?
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How many sides does a quadlateral have?

A quadrilateral polygon has 4 sides

Why is it impossible for a quadrilateral not to be a polygon?

Because it has 4 sides and the word polygon means many sides

How many sides does a trapizium have?

A trapezium has 4 sides because its a quadrilateral polygon.

What shape is a quadrilateral and a polygon?

A quadrilateral has 4 sides whereas a polygon has many sides which includes a quadrilateral

Does a polygon have 4 sides?

It has at least 3 sides. It can have as many sides as it wants as long as it is closed and none of the sides are curved. A polygon with 4 sides is a quadrilateral.

How many sides does a polygon with a total angle measure of 360 have?


What is a polygon that has twice as many sides as another polygon you have fewer than 8 sides what are you?


Can a quadrilateral have an odd number of sides?

No. A quadrilateral has FOUR sides ('quad' is latin for 4), and so it can only have four sides. A polygon can have as many sides as you want, be that number odd or even, but a quadrilateral can only have four.

How many edges does a arrow have?

An arrow head has 4 sides and it is a quadrilateral polygon

What polygon has twice as many sides as another polygon but have fewer than 8 sides?

A hexagon and a triangle.

How many sides does a regular polygon have?

The number of sides a polygon has depends on the polygon. A triangle has three sides (tri=3). A rectangle (quadrilateral) has four sides (quad=4). A regular polygon can have any greater number of sides, without limit.

How many sides are there in the polygon if the number of diagonals is twice as the number of sides?

A 7 sided polygon has 14 diagonals