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The perimeter of a rectangle having 1,000 units of width and 2,000 units of length is 6,000 units

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Q: What is the perimeter of 1000 width 2000 length?
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If a rectangle has an area of 2000 feet squared one side is fifty feet long what is the perimeter of the rectangle?

The formula for the area (A) of a rectangle is A = length x width : Let w be the unknown side then 2000 = 50w : w = 2000 ÷ 50 = 40 feet Perimeter of a rectangle = 2(length + width) = 2(50 + 40) = 2 x 90 = 180 feet

The distance around a rectangulas field is 2000 feet. The length is 800 feet. What is the width?

The width is 200 feet.

How much will it be to fence an area of 1600 sq ft at 8per ft?

Assuming the area is a rectangular plot, it will cost $16,000. Area is calculated by multiplying length by width, so Area = Length x Width In this particular case, we know the area is 1600 ft2. We can then assign any number less than that to either the length and width, and solve for the other value. I'll assign the length a value of 200 ft. 1600 ft2 = 200 ft x Width To find width, we divide both halves of the equation by 200 ft. This tells us that the width of the plot we're talking about has to be 800 ft. To figure out how much fencing we need, we need to find the perimeter of the plot we're discussing. The equation for perimeter of a rectangle is 2 x Length + 2 x Width Or in our case 2 x 200 + 2 x 800 400 + 1600 2000 ft. At $8 per foot of fencing, that's 2000 * $8, or $16,000

What is the height length and width of the African civil war memorial?

Height is 24" Weight is 2000 lbs and length is 24'

What is the perimeter of ancient Jericho?

Jericho had a perimeter-wall, or a double wall, at more than one stage in its history. One such ancient wall for which a perimeter-length is given, was about 600 meters (2000 feet) in length. See also:Joshua's conquest of Jericho

What is the area in square feet of a rectangle with the length 40 feet and the width 50 feet?

The area formula is: Area = length x width Let: length = 40 ft width = 50 ft Then: A = 40 ft x 50 ft = 2000 ft²

How many square feet will a 20 by 100?

Multiply width by length to get the area. The answer would be 2000 square feet.

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2000 - 1000 = 1000. It's the same as 2000 x 1/2.

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It Doesn't As: X=2.5cm which is 2000 times the length of the width of on and that is too small for the human.

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