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a claim

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Q: What is the term for a short statement about history that has not yet been proved?
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What is a statement that can be proved by a chain of reasoning?

A theorem is a statement that has been proven by other theorems or axioms.

What is a proposition in MAthematics?

A proposition is a statement that is thought to be true but has not yet been proved.

Do a otter run?

No they can not. It has been scientifically proved they can not. They have such short stubby legs and they are to fat.

What is the definition of theorem?

Theorems are important statements that are proved.

What is a theorem?

A theorem is a math term used to describe an idea that can be proved.A mathematical statement which has been proved trueIt is a statement or proposition which can be derived from a set of axioms and following a sequence of logical reasoning.

What is a statement that has been deductively proven?

A theorem is proven. An example is The "Pythagoras Theorem" that proved that for a right angled triangle a2 + b2 = c2

When were short sleeves introduced?

Short sleeves have been in use since before recorded history

In a geometric proof what can be used to explain a statement?

Axioms and logic (and previously proved theorems).

What is the difference between a conjecture postulate theorem and corollary?

Conjecture: a statement which may or may not be true.Postulate: a statement that is believed to be true, but may not be.Theorem: a statement that has been proved to be true provided some postulates are true.Corollary: a statement whose truth follows from the truth of a theorem, but one which is not important enough to call it a theorem.

Was the theory of sea floor spreading proved?

Yes, the theory of sea floor spreading was confirmed through the discovery of mid-ocean ridges, magnetic striping patterns on the ocean floor, and the study of ages of oceanic crust. This evidence supported the idea that new crust is continually created at mid-ocean ridges and spreads away from them.

What is difference in axiom and postulate?

Theorem: A Proven Statement. Postulate: An Accepted Statement without Proof. They mean similar things. A postulate is an unproven statement that is considered to be true; however a theorem is simply a statement that may be true or false, but only considered to be true if it has been proven.

Was Azerbaijan an ancient civilization?

Yes...of course.....Azerbaijan has very ancient history and civilization.Its history is of thousands of years is has been proved by many Material evidence and the works of great historians.