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if the volume of a cube = 15, the side = cube root (volume) = cube root (15)

= 2.466

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Q: What is the width height and depth of a 15 TV?
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What are the outside dimensions of this TV?

The outside dimensions of this particular model are 15.3" Height x 6.9" Width x 14.7" Depth.

Dimensions of a 42 inch tv console.?

The dimensions for a 42 inch tv console average around 41.7 x 30.6 x 13.4 inches. That is width times height times depth.

Width of tv divided by height?

That is called the aspect ratio.

What is the length width and height of an 50 tv?

depends on brand and which TV of that brand

How do you find the area of a tv?

height of screen x width of screen

What is the height of a 15 in tv?


What is the height of a 10 inch tv when the width is 8 inch?

TVs are measured diagnally from corner to corner.

What is the width of an average tv screen?

6 feet and 15 inches

Is television a 2D shape or 3D shape?

A television set is a 3D shape. The image (picture) on the television screen is a 2D shape. 3D is when it has length, width, and height. 2D is only length and width.

What is 2-D?

2-D is an abbreviation for 2-Dimensional. Dimensions are the different planes we experience the world in. The three dimensions we live in are height, width, and depth. When someone refers to something that is 2-D they usually mean it has height and width like a cartoon on your TV. You can measure how high a character stands and how wide he is but you can't measure how deep the scene is.

What is the height of a tv when the diagonal is 30 and the width is 24 inches?

18 inches Solved with the help of Pythagoras' theorem

How is the size of a 22 inch flat screen TV measured?

TV screens are measured by the actual diagonal measurement of the screen. The height and width of the screen is measured by the ratio between the width and height. The measurment for 22 inch should be 9.25 inches in lenght and 12.75 inches wide.

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