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The ciliospinal reflex and the pupillary light reflex are classified as autonomic reflexes.

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Q: What reflexes are classified as autonomic reflexes?
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Are reflexes classified functionally as autonomic if they activate skeletal muscle?


What type of reflexes are not subject to conscious control?

Autonomic reflexes

Where are the main integrating centers for most autonomic reflexes?

The main integrating centers for most autonomic reflexes are in the hypothalamus and brainstem.

Are effectors which are smooth muscle and glands considered somatic or autonomic reflexes?


Are basic reflexes autonomic only?


What responsible for autonomic reflexes?

spinal cord

Are reflexes a rapid autonomic response to stimuli?


Are autonomic reflexes integrated in the cns?

Autonomic reflexes concerning digestive, smooth muscle, respiration all have to do with the Peripheral Nervous System (ANS, SNS, and ENS). <-- look it up if you dont know what that is. But the CNS is only the brain and the spinal cord... and there arent any autonomic reflexes there.

What are autonomic reflexes?

Autonomic Reflexes are micro movements in response to specific stimuli that are not regulated by conscious effort. Its most effective use is in the Autonomic Digital Reflexapproach in which twitches of the fingers are decoded as meaningful reactions of the body's inner state.

What reflexes classified as somatic reflexes?

the corneal, patellar, achilles, plantar, and gag reflexes. I'm not so sure about the gag reflex

Name the division of the autonomic nervous system responsible for each of the reflexes listed?

The division of the autonomic nervous system responsible for each of the reflexes is the ciliospinal reflex. Ciliospinal reflex responds mainly by the 2nd and 3rd order nerves to the muscle of the iris.

What do neural reflexes do?

Neural reflexes are the building blocks for the diagnosis of dysfunction in the CNS. This article describes the basis of neural connection underlying the control of posture, the autonomic nervous system, monosynaptic stretch reflexes, and polysynaptic motor reflexes. The neural reflexes consist of the stimulus, the receptor, sensory neurones, efferent, effectors and respnse

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