How can you classify a hexagon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it can be classified as a hexagon,polygon,or a parallelogram

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Q: How can you classify a hexagon?
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What is hexagon classify for?

A hexagon is a 6 sided polygon

How do you classify a regular hexagon?

A regular 6 sided hexagon has 6 equal sides and 6 equal inside angles.

What are the classifications of polygons?

You might be aware of certain names of special polygons, such as pentagon, hexagon, and octagon. These terms classify a polygon by the number of sides.

What are 2 ways to classify a hexagon?

Convex(all interior angles are less than, or equal to, 180 degrees) and concave(one interior angle is more than 180 degrees).

Why is an hexagon an hexagon?

When referring to it as a hexagon is not a faux pas.

How do you remember that a hexagon is a hexagon?

hex is like six and a hexagon has six sides thus the name hexagon

How sides does a hexagon have?

a hexagon has 6 sidesAn hexagon is a 6 sided polygon

What is the name of a shape with 6 side?


Hexagon with no symetry?

A hexagon without symmetry is the most common form for a hexagon.

How many edges does a hexagon havedoes a hexagon have?

An hexagon is a polygon that has 6 sides.

What is the deffinition of a hexagon?

hexagon is a shape with six sides that's why its called a hexagon

What has 6 side?

Simple; It's the Hexagon (Hexa=6)