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A right triangle has an acute and right angle.

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Q: What shape has acute and right angles?
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What shape has 2 right angles and 2 obtuse angles and 1 acute angle?


What shape has two acute angles?

There are many possible shapes with two acute angles.

Is there a shape with 2 right angles and 2 acute angles?

Yes, a trapezoid can have two right angles and two acute angles. Its only requirement is that it has two parallel sides.

What shape has 4 acute angles 4 obtuse angles and 4 right angles?

An irregular dodecagon.

What shape has 5 sides and two right angles and acute and obtuse angles?

It is an irregular pentagon.

Name for 5 acute angles 2 obtuse angles 5 right angles?

a pretty wierd shape

What shape has two acute angles and no line s of symmetry what is the shape called?

If the shape has 3 angles in all, where two of the angles are acute, then the shape is a scalene triangle.

What shape has 3 right angles and 1 acute angle?

A kite shape

What shape has 2 right angles 2 acute angle?

No shape does. If a shape has four angles, the sum of the four angles is 360°. If two are right angles, their sum is 2 x 90° = 180°, leaving 360° - 180° = 180° for the two remaining angles. An acute angle is less than 90°, so the sum of two acute angles is less than 90° + 90° = 180°, but in this shape their sum must be equal to 180°; thus no shape can exist. If one angle is acute and the other is obtuse, then their sum can be 180° and the shape is a trapezium.

What is a shape with only acute angles?

The only polygon with just acute angles is an acute angled triangle.

What geometric shape has 2 acute angles and obtuse angles?

a trapezoid :) * * * * * Not necessarily. A trapezoid can have two right angles, one acute and one obtuse angle. A parallelogram which is not a rectangle must have 2 acute and 2 obtuse angles.

What is a shape with 4 sides 2 acute angles 2 obtuse diagonal intersect at right angles?

a trapezoid

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