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any 4 sided 2d shape

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Mathematically, any plane shape, no matter how many sides.

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2012-04-19 22:09:58
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Q: What shape has only length and width?
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What has length width but no depth shape?

They are 2 dimensional shapes that only have length and width.

What is 2d and 3d?

2d is a flat shape with only 2 dimentions (width & length) 3d is a shape with 3 dimensions (width, length and depth)

What is three dimesional shape?

A three dimensional shape is where you have height, width, and length where as in a two dimensional shape you only have height and length

Do you multiply the width by the length and by the height to get an answer for the volume of an 3d shape?

Only if the shape is a cuboid.

Is television a 2D shape or 3D shape?

A television set is a 3D shape. The image (picture) on the television screen is a 2D shape. 3D is when it has length, width, and height. 2D is only length and width.

What is length and width?

length is how tall the shape or thing is and the width is how wide it is

What do you call the length of a side of a shape?

There are only three spacial terms and they are: length, width, and depth.

How do you find the width of volume only using length height?

Volume = Length * Height * Width That equation can be rearranged to: Width = Volume/(Length * Height) This answer will only work for a cuboid (or a cube) and not any other 3d shape.

What are the length width and height of a shape?

They are: Length x Height + Length x Width + Height x Width Or: LxH + LxW +HxW and then youl will get the answer of the shape. The length is the tom part of the shape the width is the side and the night is the length from top to bottom.

Does a point have length and width but no height?

No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.

How can you get the width when you have the perimeter and the length?

If the shape is a rectangle, then Perimeter = 2(Length + Width) So Width = Perimeter/2 - Length

Is an octagon a polyhedron?

Adding to what Kittenono said, an octagon is a two dimensional shape which only has length and width. A polyhedron is 3 dimensional which has length, width and height.

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