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kids like all shapes!

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Q: What shapes do kids like?
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What are the different shapes that can be made by pasta?

there are lots of differante shapes like kids shapes letters numbers cartoon characters and many more :)

Why do people like trade silly bandz?

They are really cute. little kids really like how they turn into shapes after you take them off. They like showing them off to their friends and collecting lots of different shapes.

What is a good story idea for primary kids that has to do with shapes?

Any idea that is interesting to you is a good idea. What do you think of when you think about shapes? What do you believe kids should know about shapes?

Why are shapes important?

shapes are important becuase it is for math like you draw shapes and stuff i that

What shape are non symmetrical shapes?

there is a lot like irregular shapes

Why do kids need to know how to use a compass and straightedge?

To construct geometrical shapes

What shapes are protist?

Protists have all kind of different shapes. Some have hair-like body shapes. Others have very plain shapes.

How many pasta shapes are there?

There are over 600 pasta shapes, including some like tagliatelle and spaghetti. And Farfalle are shaped like little bow ties. Kids love the shape. Acini de Pepe are little bits that can be used in soups or cold salads like you would use couscous or barley.Pasta is a wonderful and many splendored thing. It also comes in a multitude of colors as well as shapes.

What is three D shapes?

3D shapes are three dimensional, just like 2D shapes are two dimensional.

Which shapes are concave?

Concave shapes are those like the inside of a bowl.Hollow or depressed shapes - the 'cave' bit should give it to you!

What shapes are viruses?

if your talking about the cell then they can be any shape

How are shapes like cube sphere cone are alike?

It is because they all are 3D shapes

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