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Q: What are 2 shapes each with 4 straight sides and no openings?
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How many sides are there on each of these shapes hexagon?

An hexagon has 6 sides

What is the exact shape and a definition for each of these polygons nonagon octagon heptagon pentagon?

They are all regular shapes like a circle but with straight sides all the same length and all angles the same in each shape: nonagon - 9 sides octagon - 8 sides heptagon - 7 sides pentagon - 5 sides and missing from the list is hexagon - 6 sides.

Each tile on a floor has 5 sides and 5 angles. What shapes is each of tiles?


What is a cylindrical objects?

Cylindrical objects are three-dimensional shapes that have straight sides and circular bases that are parallel to each other. Examples of cylindrical objects include cans, pipes, and drinking glasses.

What are the names of some shapes and how many sides does each have?

A square -- has 4 sides a triangle -- has 3 sides A pentagon -- has 5 sides A circle -- has one side

What two different shapes each have 3 sides and 3 corners?


What are two different shapes that each have 3 sides and 3 corners?

1 is the triangle

What is an octagon cut in half called?

It depends on how you cut it as to how many sides the two new shapes would have. You could have two shapes, each with 6 sides (cut a stop sign vertically down the middle), or you could have two identical shapes with 5 sides (cut across the diagonal).

What shapes do not have diagonals bisect each other?

In most shapes the diagonals do not bisect one another. It might be possible to answer the question if it were more specific. To start with, shapes with how many sides?

What are some names of 2d shapes and the number of sides for each?

All regular polygons (in order of sides starting with 3 sides): triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon, hendecagon, dodecagon, tridecagon, tetradecagon, pentradecogon, hexadecagon, octadecagon, enneadecagon, icosagon (twenty sides).2d shapes are shapes that can be drawn on a paper, like lines, triangles, squares, rectangles, circles, etc. Some of these shapes are called polygons, and there are countless numbers of them with their names based on the Greek word for the number of sides on each shape. All sides are exactly the same as each other on regular polygons; one or more sides are different from the other sides on irregular polygons. A few of the polygon names, with the name following the number of sides on the 2d shape are:3 triangle4 quadrilateral (a regular quadrilateral is a square)5 pentagon6 hexagon10 decagon12 dodecagon20 Icosagon90 enneacontagonAfter about 10 sides mathematicians usually refer to polygons as n-gons; a 12 sided polygon (dodecagon) could also be called a 12-gon.In addition to polygons, there are circles, ovals, parabolas, and many other shapes that do not have straight sides.

What are 3 types of quadrilaterals?

Quadrilaterals are four sided, two-dimensional shapes. Each side has to be a straight line, even if it looks diagonal in accordance to the other sides. Three examples include squares, rectangles, and parallelograms.

How do you no if you shape is a squre?

A square will have 4 sides that are all the same length, and 4 angles that are 90 degrees each. Other shapes will have 4 sides, but they may be of different lengths. Other shapes will have 4 equal sides, but not 4 angles of 90 degrees.