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The fertile creasent!

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Q: What was the area enclosed by broken lines called?
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What is the amount of surface enclosed whthin its boundary lines?


What is the enclosed area of a character called?

The enclosed area of a character is called a bowl. Once a bowl is created, the space is then called a counter. A counter is also defined as a partially enclosed space or area of a character.

What are the sides of the polygon?

A polygon is a 2-dimensional area that is enclosed by straight lines. These straight lines are its sides.

How do you define nonagon?

A nonagon is a plane area enclosed by nine straight lines.

What is the formula for a pentagon in math?

It is a plane area enclosed by five straight lines.

How can you identifies quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral is a plane area enclosed by four straight lines.

How do you calculate sectional area of angle?

There is no equivalence. An angle is a measure of rotational displacement. It is formed by two rays (or lines) and does not create an enclosed space. An area is a measure of an enclosed space.

What is the meaning of the sides of a polygon?

A polygon is a closed plane (flat) shape where an area is enclosed by a number of straight lines that meet, two at a time. These straight lines form the boundary of the polygon and are called its sides.

What is a four sided enclosed area called?


An enclosed area formerly used for jousting?

The area for jousting is called a "Tiltyard".

What is a quadrilateral described as?

A quadrilateral is the shape of a 4 sided polygon

What is the enclosed surface of a figure called?

If it's a 3 dimensional shape then it is volume otherwise it is surface area