Whats the formula for a triangle?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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base times height divided by 2

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Q: Whats the formula for a triangle?
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Whats the formula for area of a triangle?

Area in square units = 0.5*base*height

Whats is the chemical formula of aluminate?

Formula: AlO2-

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Whats the longest side of a right triangle?

The hypotenuse

Why does the formula of a triangle work?

Depends on what formula.

Whats the chemical formula for polyisoprene?

Formula: (C5H8)n

What is the formula for triangle?


Why is Bermuda triangle called the devil triangle?

Could it be possible the devils triangle be haunted? - what other reasons can there be as no one can work out whats happening out there.

Does the formula for the area of a triangle pertain to all triangles including scalene triangles?

The title of the formula is "Formula for the Area of a Triangle". No discrimination is expressed or implied.

When building a distance formula what kind of triangle are you building?

right triangle

Formulae of triangle?

The formula which defines a triangle is: Number of vertices = 3.

Who created the another formula of triangle?

Heron created a formula to find the area of any triangle given three side lengths. It is known as Heron's Formula.