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It is called an irregular polygon. However, an irregular polygon can have congruent sides if all angles are not equal.

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Q: When a polygon does not have congruent sides it is called?
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What is a convex polygon with congruent sides and congruent angels?

That is called a regular polygon.

What is a polygon with sides that are not all congruent with angles that are called?

an irregular polygon

If a polygon has all congruent sides and angles what is it called?

A regular polygon.

A polygon where all the sides are congruent?

It is called a regular polygon. * * * * * Actually not. All its angles must also be congruent for it to be called regular.

What is a polygon with 5 congruent sides?

A polygon with five congruent sides is a pentagon.

Is a regular polygon a polygon with all sides congruent?

A regular polygon is a polygon with congruent sides and interior angles.

How many congruent sides does a polygon have?

It all depends on what kind of polygon it is. It may have no congruent sides or all congruent sides.

What is a polygon with 2 pairs of congruent sides and 4 congruent angles called?


What is a polygon with 5 congruent sides and 5 congruent angles called?

A regular pentagon

What polygon has equal sides and equal angles?

A polygon that has congruent sides and congruent angles is called a Regular polygon. If the number of sides is given, you can be more specific. Some examples: 3 congruent sides/angles = equilateral triangle 4 congruent sides/angles = square 5 congruent sides/angles = regular pentagon 6 congruent sides/angles = regular hexagon ...and so on, by adding "regular" in front of the shape's name.

What is a point that two sides of a polygon have in common called?


If all the sides of a polygon are congruent what type of polygon is it?

It is an equilateral polygon. It is not a regular polygon. For the polygon to be regular, it is not enough for the sides to be congruent: all the angles need to be congruent as well.