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A fire triangle consist of Fuel (Bushes), Heat (Fire) and Oxygen and the three combine creates a chemical chain reaction.In this case the fuel is removed so if there is nothing to burn you have no fire.

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Q: Which side of the fire triangle is removed by a firebreak?
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Do the fire service remove fire blankets from a fire?

the fire blanket removes one side of the fire triangle

What are the three points of a fire triangle?

The three elements of the fire triangle that must be present are Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel. This has recently been changed though from the fire triangle to the fire tetrahedron. This includes Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel as well. But, it also contains a fourth, chemical reaction.

What are the 3 sides of the fire triangle?

HEAT Heat, the first side of the fire triangle, can come from many sources. It can be generated by sparks from welding operations, discarded cigarette butts, electrical shorts, frayed wiring, friction from power tools, and hot exhaust pipes. FUEL Fuel, the second side of the fire triangle, may be liquid, such as gasoline or solvents; a solid, such as paper or wood scraps; or a gas, such as propane. AIR Air, the third side of the fire triangle, contains oxygen which is necessary to sustain a fire. This is one side of the triangle we can't do much about. Air is usually present.Heat, fuel, and air must be in the proper proportion for fire to occur. It is possible to have these three ingredients without causing a fire. For example, there may not be enough heat or air to ignite the fuel and cause it to burn.

How do firefighters use the fire triangle to stop fires?

The fire triangle consists of three components - Heat, Oxygen and Fuel. All three MUST exist together for a source of ignition to start a fire, which in effect is a chemical reaction. If you remove one of these elements, then the reaction can not occur and hence, no fire.

What are 2 other ways to put out a fire without using a fire extinguisher that might be used at an airport by fire departments and at home?

Fire is like a triangle. It is made up of oxygen, what is burning, and what is making it burn. If you take out one side of the triangle, then the fire will go out. Two other ways to put out a fire would be to smother it or to cut off its oxygen supply.

What happens when fuel with an adequate supply of oxygen is exposed to enough heat?

It will ignite. Fire safety courses often give what they call the 'Fire Triangle' diagram: an equilateral triangle with its sides labelled one each of Fuel, Oxygen, Heat. Take away any one - shown by covering that side of the triangle - and the fire will either not start or will go out.

What is the name for the side of a right triangle that is across the triangle from the right triangle?

This side is called the hypotenuse.

Can triangle abc be a right triangle if side ac2 side bc3 and side ab4?


Non adjacent side of a triangle?

The side that is not adjacent to another side of a triangle is called the opposite side.

What is the side on a triangle?

A side on a triangle is a line that connects two of the apexes.

What is the side of the triangle next to the angle?

The side of the triangle next to the angle is called the adjacent side.

How do you find the midsegment of a triangle?

A midsegment of a triangle is parallel to the side of the triangle, and it's length is half the length of that side