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some citizens are required to register for it

some people are obligated to register for it, but there is no military draft right now

it is a system that will be used if there is a military draft in the future

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True or false the selective service system provided free education and loan guarantees to veterans?


When was Selective Service System created?

Selective Service System was created in 1917.

What is the budget of Selective Service System?

The budget of Selective Service System is 22,000,000 dollars.

What is a result of the selective service act?

The selective service act is the requirement of all young men to register by the time they turn 18, with selective service, in the event of a draft.

how can i get a grant if i didnt sign up for the selective service?

how can i get a grant if i didnt sign up for the selective service

How did Americans respond to the selective service act?

In 1917, the selective service act was passed. The selective service was the draft. In the United States, the young men felt it was against the 13th amendment.

Define Selective Service Act?

The Selective Service Act is a law in the United States that requires all male citizens and immigrants aged 18 to 25 to register with the Selective Service System. In the event of a national emergency, this system can be used to draft individuals into the military.

What does selective service classification 1D mean?

In service.

What is the deffernce of the switch statement and the if statement in c plus plus?

If statement is single selection statement,whereas the switch statement is multiple selective.

How do you use selective service in a sentence?

Example: Selective service in the US was sometimes inconsistent in assigning draft status. (note that this could also be capitalized Selective Service) *The term "selective service" is a euphemism for a type of draft system, or conscription. The US agency known as the Selective Service System eventually consisted of both decisional and random components, choosing "some" individuals (from those deemed to be qualified) to be conscripted into military service.

What happens if someone is over the age of 25 and has not registered with the selective service?

i am not sure yet

What required men to register with the government for random military service?

The Selective Service Act, although the definition you give of it is a bit misleading.