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A regular polygon is a plane figure with equal sides and equal angles.

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Q: Which statement most accurately describes a regular polygon?
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Write a statement describes regular polygons that can tessellate by themselves?

Each interior angle of a regular polygon that tessellates by itself is a factor of 360°.

What is a true statement about a circle inscribed in a regular polygon?

The circle has a smaller area than the polygon.

What best describes a regular polygon when the measure of each exterior angle is 36 degrees?

It is best described as a regular 10 sided polygon or as a regular decagon.

Is this statement true or falseThe center of a regular polygon is the point that is equidistant from the midpoints of the sides of the polygon?


Is this statement true or falseThe radii of a regular polygon are congruent?


Are all the sides of equal length and are all the angles equal?

The given statement is true providing that it is a regular polygon such as an equilateral triangle or a square.

Which best describes a semi-regular tessellation?

a tessellation that uses more than one type of regular polygon

Is this statement true or falseAn apothem intersects the side of the regular polygon at its midpoint?


What is A polygon that is not regular?

its a not regular polygon

Which word describes the perpendicular distance from the center to one of the sides of a regular polygon?


Is a hexagon a regular polygon or not a regular polygon?

A 6 sided hexagon polygon can be regular or irregular.

What is a regular polygon vs a not regular polygon?

A regular polygon is a polygon whose sides are equal length and whose angles are all the same value. A non regular polygon is just the opposite of a regular polygon.

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