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So that you can find out how long it will tkae you go around it

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Q: Why do you need to know perimeter of something?
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How do you find the perimeter of a triangle when the perimeter is 177?

If you know the perimeter, there is no need to find it again.

When do you need to know area and perimeter?

You need to know perimeter when you're fencing the yard. You need to know area when you're mowing it, seeding it, fertilizing it, buying it, or selling it.

When you want to carpet the entire floor is that perimeter or area?

That is the area. The perimeter is the measure around something, and it is relevant, among other things, to know how much fencing you need for a lot.

When do you need to find perimeter?

You need to find perimeter when you buy a house, because then you know where your yard begins and ends.

If something is 2 meters wide what is the perimeter?

You need the length...

How do you find the perimeter of a reuleaux triangle?

i know it has something to do with having a constant width , i know it has something to do with having 3 arcs and i know that it is the width x pi but why is this? i need a very simple sollution in relation to the circumference of a circle

How do you solve the perimeter of 20m to 9m?

You need to know what the shape is before you can even think about trying to calculate its perimeter.

How do you find the length and width if you know the perimeter?

Length + width = half of perimeter, so you need more information...

Can you calculate a perimeter of a rectangle but not the length of its sides?

no No. You need to know the length of a rectangle's sides in order to calculate the perimeter.

How is the use of perimeter used in everyday life?

When you want to build a fence around your house, you need to know the perimeter.

Do you need to know area or perimeter for building a fence around a pool?

yes ,becaus you need to know how much fence you need

What is the length and width for 72 perimeter?

We need to know the shape of the object.

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