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32 cm2

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Q: You have 8 squares each one is 2cm and what is it in cm2?
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The volume of a cube is 8 cm3 What is the surface area of this cube?

Volume = 8 cm3 so each side = 2 cm So area of one face = 2cm * 2cm = 4 cm2 So total surface area (6 faces) = 6*4 cm2 = 24 cm2

What is the surface area of a cube if one line is two cm long?

Firstly, one side of a cube would be a square 2cm x 2cm = 4 cm2 Finally, a cube has 6 sides 4 cm2 x 6 sides = 24 cm2

How many one centimeter squares are contained in a larger square that is 10cm long and 10cm wide?

Area of small square = 1cm * 1cm = 1 cm2 Area of larger square = 10cm * 10cm = 100 cm2 Number of small squares in larger square = 100/1 = 100.

How many cm2 in m2?

10000 cm2 in one m2

How many 1x1Cm squares can fit in a 4x2Cm rectangle?

(1-cm x 1-cm) = 1 cm2 (4-cm x 2-cm) = 8 cm2 Eight (8) of the little ones will completely cover the big one.

How many squares are on one side if there are 32 black squares and 32 red squares on a checkers playing board?

Eight (8) squares make up one side of a checker board. There is a total of 64 squares. The squares are arranged in eight rows of eight squares each.

What is the area of one square tile when the whole figures area is 245 cm2 with 5 tiles all the same size?

Each tile has an area of 245/5 = 49 cm2

One cubic centimeter has the same volume as what?

As a big dice whose each edge is 1 cm and each side 1 cm2.

Which one was bigger 2cm or 500cm?

It is: 500cm

What is the surface area of one face of a cube when the surface area is 600 sq centimeters?

Each face is 100 cm2 .

How many positive integers each have one less digit than their squares?


A square snakes and ladders board has 100 squares and a diagonal length of 35cm Find the lengthof sideof one of the smaller squares?

The length of each side of the smaller squares is 2.475 cm

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