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The shot put ball is made of different kinds of materials depending on its intended use. Materials used include iron, cast iron, solidsteel, stainless steel, brass, and synthetic materials like polyvinyl. Some metals are more dense than others making the size of the shot vary,

Infants1-1.5 kg (They usually don't participate

Boys 13-144 kilograms

Girls 13-142.72 kg

Men, high school 6 kg

Women, College age and above4 kilograms

Men, college age and above7.26 kg

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7ft 4in.
Beware, discus circle is larger

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7 feet in diameter

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Q: What is the diameter of the shot put throwing area?
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Find the surface area of a shot put with a diameter of 90 mm?


What are the four olympic throwing events?

shot hammer discus Javelin

How many throwing events in a decathlon?

There are three throwing events in a decathlon:Shot PutDiscus ThrowJavelin Throw**It's important to note that shot put isn't referred to as a throw it is instead called a 'Put'. As if you were 'putting' something up in front of you with a lot of force. So you never throw a shot put, you instead put a shot.

Is throwing in track or field?

Field.Throwing is usually Shot Put -OR- Discus

How much time do you have to shot?

If you mean Shot-Put then the athlete throwing the (shot) has 60seconds after there name is called to begin the throwing of the shot after those 60seconds have expired the athlete will be told that they have made a foul throw.Thank you and I hope this answers your question.

When did women start throwing the 4 kilogram shot put?

2007 i think

By what name is event involves throwing of a heavy metal ball?


Where can you practice throwing shot put and discus indoors?

If you have a local gymnasium with an indoor basketball court you can set mats on the floor to throw shotput on. Discuss isn't as big a problem because they are sold as rubber.If you have a highschool or a gym with the baseball nets that come down. Perfect for throwing discus in to and even shot put as long as the floor is protected in some way.A sports center sometimes has a shot put area or possibly a sand volleyball pit. Both of which you could throw shot put into. Discus would probably have to be on an indoor football field.

How many throwing events are included in the women's hepthatlon?

Two, the shot put and the javelin throw.

How do you put 2 diameter polygon in a 2 by 2 area?

A polygon can not have a diameter.

What did Valerie Villi do to get into the 2008 Olympics?

Valerie Villi qualified for the 2008 Olympics by throwing the shot put far enough to qualify for the women's track and field shot put event.

Why do you put squared on the number when your finding the diameter?

You don't. Diameter is a measure of length, not area.