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The smallest ball permitted by USGA rules is 1.68 inches in diameter, which would yield a minimum volume of about 2.48 cubic inches (40.68 cm3) -- the dimples vary in number and depth, so the displaced volume would be slightly smaller. Historically, there was a smaller "British" ball that yielded some advantage in distance.

How to compute

V = 4/3 (pi) r3 (4 x 3.1416 x radius cubed)

How to measure

The easiest way to check would be to put a Golf ball in a beaker of water. Fill a 200 ml beaker with water, and place the ball in. Catch the overflow in another measured beaker. Since water is almost exactly 1 ml = 1 cc, the liquid displaced by the completely submerged ball will provide a close estimate of its volume in cm3.

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The surface area is approximately 9.3 square inches.

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Q: What is the volume of a golf ball?
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How would you find the volume of a golf ball?

Put an exact amount of water in a measuring cup. Drop in a golf ball. The increase in water level equals the volume of the golf ball, assuming the ball doesn't float. For example, 200mL before ball. 280ml after ball dropped in. Therefore volume equals 40ml or 40 Cubic Centimeters.

What is the volume of a US golf ball?

2.5 cubic inches

Is the volume of water displaced when a golf ball is dropped in a large beaker greater than the volume of the golf ball?

Yes, but only if there is air, dust and other molecular scale debris attached to the ball. In a perfect universe, where nothing but the ball enters the water, then the volume would be exactly the same as that of the sphere.

What is call the golf ball what is it?

A golf ball is a small ball (with a dimpled surface) that is used in the game of golf. It has a small centre of semi-liquid latex rubber, which is surrounded by a wrapping of a narrow elastic ribbon to bring the ball to the correct size (volume). There is an outer harder plastic skin to produce the finished golf ball.

What do you know about the buoyant force on the golf ball?

It is equal to the volume of the water displaced.

How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?

Radius of the golf ball is: 0.84 inches(which is standard)...Calculate the volume of the formula.. [4*3.14*(.84)^3]/3.Calculate the volume of school bus by using formula, length*breadth*height.Now Calculate the volume of a seat by using formula,volume of Base+volume of Back +volume of all legs(i.e. cylinder).Use careful mensuration while Calculating Effective Empty volume----Effective Empty volume = (total volume of bus- volume of ALL the seats) of Bus.Now to find the total number of balls:Total number of Balls = (Effective Empty Volume / Volume of a golf ball)Note: Golf balls are rough spheres. Two adjacent golf balls make contact at only one point on their surface - not across the ENTIRE surfaces. Therefore, the volume occupied by a pile (or a schoolbus full) of golf balls is GREATER than the sum of the volume of each individual ball.We might approxmiate the "EFFECTIVE" volume of one golf ball, therefore, by calculating the volume of a simple cube with side lengths the same as the diameter of the golf ball.The number of golf balls that fits inside a bus therefore will be FEWER than that calculated by the method above, because the "EFFECTIVE" volume of adjacent golf balls is GREATER than the sum of the balls themselves.

When a golf ball is lowered into a measuring cylinder containing water level rise by 30 cm cube whenthe ballis completely submerged if the mass of ball in air is 33g find its density?

The volume of the golf ball can be calculated using the displacement of water (30 cm^3). The density can then be calculated using the formula density = mass/volume. By substituting the mass of the ball (33g) and the calculated volume into the formula, you can find the density of the golf ball.

How do you find volume of golf ball in cubic centimeters?

Volume = 4/3*pi*radius3 measured in cubic cm

How many golf balls would fit into the sun?

Volume of Golf Ball = 4/3 π(.84)^3 = 4/3 π(.5927) = 4/3 (1.862) = 7.4481/3 = 2.4827 inches ^3 Volume of Sun = 4/3 π(27381889751.04)^3 = 4π(20530061600000000000000000000000)/3 = 4π68433538.67 = 4(214990302.3) = 859963609.2 inches ^3 Volume of Sun / Volume of Golf Ball = 859963609.2 / 2.4827 = 346382409.96 Golf Balls

Which ball bounces higher golf ball or tennis ball?

A Golf Ball

Which ball bounces higher golf ball or Styrofoam?

Golf Ball

What is a resort monagrammed golf ball?

It is a golf ball that has the logo of a resort/golf course printed on the ball.