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Q: 1 square meter how many metric tones?
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How many metric tons per square meter is 350 pounds per square foot?

To convert pounds per square foot to metric tons per square meter, you would use the following conversions: 1 pound per square foot is approximately 0.0479 metric tons per square meter. Therefore, 350 pounds per square foot is approximately 16.765 metric tons per square meter.

How many 1 tones metric in 1 cubic meter?

There is no general conversion, since a ton is a measure of mass, and a cubic meter is a unit of volume. It depends on the density of the substance you are talking about.

How many bricks in a square meter?

imperial 52 bricks. metric 60 bricks.

How many tones of sand in a cubic meter?


How many metric ton equals 1 square meter?

There is no answer to this, because they are not the same units. It's like asking how many elephants make a kangaroo.

How many sq ft equals to 1 meter?

One square meter equals 10.7639 square feet.yeah i don't get it i need to know square centimeters too+++Well, that's easier, since the metric system works in factors of 10. So... since there are 100 cms in 1 metre, there are (100 x 100) = 10 000 sq cms in 1 sq.m.

How many meter equal to square meter?

1x1 meter is a square meter.

How many square meter of 10x20meter?

200 square meter

How many inches to a square meter?

1 square meter = 1,550 square inches.

How many square foot are in a square meter?

1 square meter = 10.7639 square feet.

How many square feet are in a square meter?

About 10.764 square feet per square meter.

Square meter how many square feet?

1 square meter is 10.764 square feet.