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it would be equal to eleven parts

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Q: 2 and three fourths equals how many pts?
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How many pints are in one and three fourths of a gallon?

1 gallon = 8 pts → 13/4 gal = 13/4 x 8 pts = 14 pts

2 qt 3 pints =3 quarts equals to how many pts?

650 pts

How many gal equals 48 pts?

Six of them.

How many pts equals two gallons?

16 pints

How many pints equals 6 quarts?

12 pts

How 5.2 quarts equals how many pints?

10.4 pts

11 pts equals how many quarts?

5.5 qts.

3and a half qt equals how many pt?

7 pts

56 quarts equals how many pints?

112 pts

2 cups how many pts?

1 pint equals 2 cups

How many pts equals to 4 cups?

4 cups is 2 pints.

12 pts equals how many gallons?

one and a half gallons (1.5)