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I assume you are trying to find the values of both x and y.



Since both equal 1 we can set them equal to each other.


Now, we want to get all the x's on one side and all the y's on the other side.

Subtract 2x from both sides and subtract 5y from both sides to isolate x's and y's

This will result in x=(-2y)

Since we now know X in terms of Y we can plug the value into one of the original equations.

Lets use 2x+3y=1. x=(-2y) So, 2(-2y)+3y=1 or -4y+3y=1 y=-1

Plugging in the value of y to the other equations will give us the value of x.

2x+3(-1)=1 so (2x-3=1) Solving this results in x=2

To double check lets put both values into the first equation to see if it works.

3(2)+5(-1)=1 6-5=1.

It works so we are now certain that y=(-1) and x=2

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Q: 3x plus 5y equals 1 2x plus 3y equals 1?
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