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Q: A auditorium has 6 sections of steats with 12 rows in each section each row has 20 seats how many total seats asre there?
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How am I able to tell if two seats are together at FedExField or if they are separated by an aisle?

If they are separated by an aisle they will not be in the same section. All seats in a section are together and not separated by aisles. The aisles separate sections.

How many seats are in Ryman Auditorium?


Where are seats section BJK row Q situated at Birmingham NIA arena?

From my very limited research, it doesn't make sense to have seats in section BJQ, as the sections have numbers, not letters. Check with the NIA.

Are seats in section 12 row x seats 3-4 good places to sit at the comcast center?

Not really. This is the last row of the farther section from the stage. The only good thing about that section is that it is near the center of the arena (the side sections are an even worse view).

What Seats have obstructed views at the Ryman Auditorium?

Go tot he adn you can see the seating chart

Name a place where seats are comfortable?

church school auditorium circus sports game bus office

How do plan an auditorium?

To correctly plan an auditorium, make sure that everything is clean including the seats and the entire floor. Arrange seats in a way that leaves room for movement so as to avoid causing commotions in the middle of an event. It is also a good idea to ensure that all seats are placed at a position that allows people to see the center or where the action will be taking place.

What is the biggest church auditorium in the world?

Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota, Nigeria

Are Field section 2 for the Kenny Chesney concert at the Meadowlands actual assigned seats?

Yes. I just purchased seats in this section and they are assigned seats.

Where is the student section in Ben Hill Griffin stadium?

The visitors sit in the first few rows of sections 36-40. Section 42 and 44 as well as some of sections 41-45. Also lastly the last 3 rows of the sunshine endzone 300 sections are also visitor seats.

How many seats are in row 26 section 334 at gillette stadium?

There are 24 seats in section 336 in Gillette Stadium.

How do you spell a word for a bunch of seats?

Multiple seats can be found in aisles and rows and sections, in bleachers and grandstands and stadiums.