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100 kph is going 62.14 mph.

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Q: A car traveling 100 kph is going how many mph?
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How many feet per second can a car going 55 mph go?

A car going 55 mph is traveling at about 80.667 feet per second.

If a car is driving 40mph how many feet per second is it going?

It is traveling at about 58.66 feet per second.

If a car is traveling 100 meters in 1400 seconds how fast is it traveling?

If an object is travelling 100 meters in 1400 seconds, then it is travelling (100 / 1400) or about 0.0714 meters per second.

A car traveling at 100km for 45 minutes How far did it go?

As stated, the question is impossile to answer.IF the car was going at 100 km PER HOUR, then it would cover 75 km in 45 minutes. If it was going at 100 km per day, then it would cover 3.125 km in 45 minutes.

What is the net force of a car traveling at a steady speed of 100km per hour?


How much further will a car traveling at 100 km per second skid than the same car traveling at 50 km per second?

Four times as farther.

How many miles per hour is a car going if it travels 85 miles in 10 minutes?

It is traveling 510 miles per hour.

How long would it take a car traveling at 70mph to get to the moon?

200000000 hours

What travels 100 meters in 10 seconds?

A car traveling at 10m/s, or 36km/h.

Will it take longer for a train or a car traveling at 100 miles per hour to stop?

A train

A person's car traveling 16 miles in 30 minutes How many MPH are they traveling?


What does the velocity of car A which is traveling at 50 ms West appear to be from your frame of reference?

Depends entirely on your frame of reference! If you are in a car traveling along side it at 50 ms, the car will appear to be standing still. If you are going the opposite direction at 50 ms, it will appear to be traveling at 100ms.

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