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Easy 15%: 10% = 84, 5% = half that = 42 total reduction 126 so sale price = 714

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Q: A furniture store has an item with an original price of 840 on sale at 15 percent off find the sale price of the item?
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A store is having a 20 percent off sale if the reduced price of an item is 63.60 what was its original price?

The original price was $79.50

At a store they cut the price 40 for a particular item By what percent must the item be increased if you wanted to sell it at the original price?

An item that has been reduced 40 percent off the retail price will need to be increased by almost 66.7 percent of the sale price to return to the original retail price.

A discount store takes 50 percent off the retail price of a desk for the store's holiday sale it takes an additional 20 percent off of all furniture the desk's retail price was 320 how much is the des?


How much do furniture sales make?

Usual pricing for furniture in a store is a 100% markup from the original cost. If you are selling used furniture, somewhere in the 25% of original price will work. For that, it should be clean, in good repair and have no smoke or cat odors.

A store has a clearance sale where every item is reduced by 40 percent What was the original price of a jacket if the sale price is 180?

It was 300

If a grocery store is having a weekly sale that reduces all prices by 15 percent what is the original price of a pizza that is now on sale for 4.25?

The original price of the pizza was $5.00

A department store had a 20 percent off sale on all clothing items. State best functional relationship between the sale price of an article of clothing and the original price?

The sale price is dependent on the original price.

The selling price of a book is 53 Store raised price 30 percent what is the original cost?

1.3 x = $53x = 53/1.3 = $40.77

A store is selling sandals at 20 percent off their original price what is the sale price of a pair of sandals originally priced at 20?

The sale price of the sandals would be $16.00

A store gives 10 percent discount to all students off the original cost additional 15 percent is taken off the discounted price Julie purchases a flute for 306 how much did it originally cost?

Discounted price was 360 (306/.85)Original price was 400 (360/.9)

Where is the best place to buy some white furniture?

The best place to by white furniture would be at a store such as Sears or a furniture store such as Ashley's. They have the largest variety and price range for furniture and are sure to have white pieces.

A store is having a 20 percent off sale if the reduced price of an item is percent 53.60 what was its original price?

$67. Arithmetic will solve this. x-x*0.2 = 53.6, where x is the original sale price. Simplifying gives x*(1-0.2) - 53.6 or x*(0.8) = 53.6. Dividing the 0.8 through gives x = 67. Finding a reduced price is simply subtracting the original price multiplied by the discount (in fraction form from the original price.

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