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This describes a ray.

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Q: A point on a line and all points of line to one side of it?
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A point on a line and all points of the line to one side of it?


A point on a line and all points of the line to one side of it is what?

A half line? A ray?

What is a three letter word for the definition a point on a line and all points of the line to one side of it?


Is line is a locus of point?

No. A line is the locus of all points located between any two points.

Two end points and all the point between them?

a line.

What is the difference between linear equations and linear inequalities?

It is easiest to describe the difference in terms of coordinate geometry. A linear equation defines a straight line in the coordinate plane. Every point on the line satisfies the equation and no other points do. For a linear inequality, first consider the corresponding linear equality (or equation). That defines a straight line which divides the plane into two. Depending on the direction of the inequality, all points on one side of the line or the other satisfy the equation, and no point from the other side of the line does. If it is a strict inequality (< or >) then points on the line itself are excluded while if the inequality is not strict (≤or ≥) then points on the line are included.

In a perspective drawing what is a vanishing point?

it is the point in the image where all the points of view point toward infinity good answer very dictionaryish. also, this applies to all lines except vertical. If you get good you can have two vanishing points where if the line needs to be drawn to the left side of the page then u use the left vanishing point.

How many line can intersect a point?

A point can be intersected by infinitely many lines. Two points intersect in only one line. Three points either intersect in a line or not at all. This is only considering two dimensions.

What is a non collinear point?

Definition for collinear and non collinearPoints that lie on the same line are called collinear points. If there is no line on which all of the points lie, then they are non collinear points.

When three points lie on a line one point is called?

If three points all lie on the same line, then the points are said to be "collinear". This is also true if the slope from each point to the next is the same.

What is the shortest distance between four points?

The shortest distance between four points is a straight line to and from each individual point. If all four points are aligned, the result will be a single straight line through all four points.

Line intersecting a circle in two points?

A line can be tangent to a circle in which case it intersects it in one point, it can intersect it in two points, or no points at all. So the choices are 0,1 or 2.