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The runner's speed is 3 kilometers per 30 minutes.

In somewhat more familiar units, it's also 6 km per hour.

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Q: A runner travels 3 kilometers in 30 minutes What is the speedof the runner?
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A runner travels 3 kilometers in 30 minutes. What is the speed of the runner?

Assuming the runner maintains his average speed for an hour, 3 kilometres in 30 minutes is equal to 6 kilometres per hour.

How long will it take to run a 10k race for a runner whose average pace is 125 meters per minute?

If there are 1000 meters in a kilometer and a runner travels 125 meters per minute, that would mean the runner could travel one kilometer in 8 minutes (1000 / 125 = 8). If the runner is going to run 10 kilometers it would take (10 * 8) or 80 minutes to finish the 10 kilometers.

What is the speed of a runner who travels 150 meters in 2.25 minutes?

66⅔ meters per minute.

How much distance does the runner cover in 16 minutes?

Suppose a runner covers a distance of 5322 feet in a 6 minutes and 11,531 feet in 13 minutes. So how much distance does the runner cover in 16 minutes?

A runner travels 8 blocks north and 15 blocks east. How far is the runner from her starting point?

17 blocks

What is the speed of a runner who runs 400 meters in 60 seconds?

400 meters = 60 seconds equivalent to 0.4 kilometers = 1 minute multiply by 60 0.4 x 60 kilometers = 60 minutes = 1 hour 24 kilometers per hour is answer

Who is faster the runner who runs a mile in 8 minutes or the runner who runs a kilometer in 4 minutes?

the runner who runs a kilometer in 4 minutes kilometer is about 0.8 of a mile, so if take someone double to run a mile, they're worse.

How long does it take to run five kilometres?

It depends on how fast you are and how experienced you are. Normal person (non-runner): 35-45 minutes Beginning runner: 30-40 minutes Average runner: 28-34 minutes Fast runner: 24-27 minutes Good cross country runner: 20-24 minutes Really awesome: Under 20 minutes World record: Under 13 minutes If you're a really, really talented runner, you might be able to run a 5K in 15-16 minutes after several years of training. Obviously, very few people will get under that or anywhere close to the world record. Generally, if you can do a 5K in around 25 minutes or less, you're considered pretty good.

Average 1500m for 14 year old?

Well a... Normal person - 7 to 8 minutes or more Runner - 5 to 6 minutes Elite Runner - 4 to 5 minutes Kenyan - 3 to 4 minutes Those are averages for 1500m. I just ran and I got 5:23 for 1500m. So I would be a runner.

What are the average times to run 4 kilometers?

If flat course:Very good runner - 11 minsGood runner - 13 minsDecent runner - 15 minsOK runner - 17 minsBeginner - 19 minsDon't train - 20+ mins

What animal travels at 18mph?

a six - lined race runner can run at 18 mph found on

How long does it take to run 2.3 miles?

It's all relative, but the average occasional runner should take about 16-20 minutes. If it takes you more then 20 minutes, you're not a runner.

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