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3 ft

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2011-01-06 21:25:08
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Q: A vehicle going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in six seconds would cover how many feet?
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How many seconds will it take to cover 17 miles going 37 mph?

1,654 seconds.

How many seconds will it take to cover 17 miles going 48 mph?

1275 seconds.

How many seconds will it take to cover 19 miles at 55mph?

1,243.6 seconds to cover 19 miles at 55mph

How many seconds will it take to cover 17 miles going 49 MPH?

Time = Distance / Speed = 17/49 = 0.347 hours = 1248.98 seconds

How fast are you going if you cover one half mile in 43 seconds?

To two decimal places, you would be travelling at 41.86 miles per hour.

How many miles do you cover in 75 minute going 25 miles per hour?

You cover 31.25 miles.

How far does a cat run if it travels at a speed of 3 ms for 25 seconds?

If by "ms" you mean meters per second, then it would run 75 meters in 25 seconds. If by "ms" you mean miles, a cat is not going to cover 3 miles in 25 seconds, but for argument purposes, the distance the cat would run in 25 seconds would be 3 miles.

1856.657 Miles in 45 seconds how fast are you going?

As speed as

How many seconds does it take to travel 1.9 miles going 62 mph?

70.32 seconds.

A train went 4000m in 125 seconds how fast was it going?

To cover 4000 metres in 125 seconds the train would be travelling at 71.58 miles an hour. This is the speed over the whole measured distance and not from a standing start

How long does out take to cover a mile going 70mph?

Just over 51 seconds 70 miles = 1 hour = 60 minutes 7 miles = 6 minutes 7/7 miles = 1 mile = 6/7 minutes 1 minute = 60 seconds 6x60 / 7 = 51.428571

How long is 23 miles is if going 75 miles an hour?

18 minutes 24 seconds.

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