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Q: According to the line of best fit about how many words will Jean have typed when she completes 60 minutes of typing?
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What is gwam in typing?

¢GWAM stands for "Gross Words A Minute" ¢GWAM can be easily calculated by typing text from an alternate source for 3 to 5 minutes and taking the amount of words you typed and divide it by the amount of minutes you typed. ¢For example, if you typed 400 words in 5 minutes; divide 400 into 5 to get your 80GWAM.

Is 96 words typed in 3 minutes and 160 words typed in 5 minutes equivalent?

Yes because in each case 32 words are typed each minute

How is a title of a play typed?

Try using your home row keys and begin typing and vuala you have typed the title

Is type an adjective?

No, the word 'type' is a noun (type, types) and a verb (type, types, typing, typed).Examples:Mom likes this type of ice cream. (noun)We have to type our essay. (verb)The adjective forms of the verb to type are the present participle, typing (typing class); and the past participle, typed (a typed note).

Function of a word processing program?

Typing and then formatting of typed text.

C plus plus strong typing or weak?

C++ is strongly typed.

How do you solve word problems using direct variation and linear models There were 174 words typed in 3 minutes There were 348 words typed in 6 minutes How many words will be typed in 8 minutes?


Is 96 words typed in 3 minutes 160 words typed in 5 minutes?

To work this sort of question out you need to find out how many words are being type in ONE minute. 96/3= 32 words a minute. Therefore in 5 mins you would type 32 * 5 = 160 words So the answer to your question is YES, typing at a speed of 96 words in 3 mins. is the same speed as typing 160 words in 5 mins.

What is a typing mode where characters are inserted when typed and text moves to the right?

The insert button.

Typing mode where characters are inserted when typed and text moves to the right?

insert mode

What is the adjective of type?

The adjective form for the noun type is typical(a typical example).The adjective forms for the verb to type are typing and typed (a typing process, a typed page).

A secretary typed 59 words per minute for 59 minutes 42 wpm for 42 minutes and 73 wpm for 100 minutes What was her average typing speed?

62.4 words per minuteCalculationWords typed = (59 x 59) + (42 x 42) + (73 x 100) = 3481+1764+7300 = 12545 wordsTime elapsed = 59 + 42 + 100 = 201 minutes12545 / 201 = 62.41293532338