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Q: An escalator measures 28 feet horizontally and 25 feet vertically How many feet does it carry you when you go from the lower level to the upper level?
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How to insert an ATM card in machine vertically?

Most ATM Machines allow to insert the card horizontally only. If the ATM machines allows to enter a card vertically, you only need to place the card inside the card slot and the magnetic card reader will pull in the card for the transactions to carry.

Why don't you do any work when you carry an object art a constant velocity?

Well, if you do that for a while, you could certainly raise a sweat, and you would say that you've done a lot of work. But in the strict Physics definition of "work", none of it has been done to the object you carried. The strict definition is: Force acting through a distance. Referring to the object you carry: -- You don't move it vertically. You just hold it there against the force of gravity, but your vertical force doesn't move it up or down. So no work is done vertically. -- Horizontally, the speed is constant. No force is required to maintain a constant speed, so no work is done horizontally either.

Is the longhaul by north face a carry on?

The Longhaul 30" measures: 30" x 16" x 10" The Longhaul 26" measures: 26" x 16" x 10" The carry-on size limits vary between airlines but virtually all published carry on limits show that either bag is larger than is acceptable.

Can a 2hp 4poles ac induction motor carry 300kgs of weight?

It would depend on the efficiency and design of the motor, as well as the operating conditions such as load distribution and friction. In general, a 2HP 4-pole motor may not have enough torque to lift 300kg vertically, but it could potentially move the weight horizontally on wheels or a conveyor. It's important to consider the motor's continuous duty rating and consult with a mechanical engineer for a more accurate assessment.

What is the use of a Conair messenger?

The Conair messenger is a bag used for carry and transporting items from one location to another, these bags have a single strap and can be carried across the shoulder or vertically.

How much weight one bolt carries vertically?

The amount of weight a bolt can carry vertically depends on its size, material, and the environment in which it is used. It is important to consult with a structural engineer or refer to specific load tables provided by bolt manufacturers to determine the maximum weight capacity for a particular bolt in a given application.

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How much work is done on a 60-N box of books that you carry horizontally across a 6-M room?

The work done on the box of books is zero since the force applied by carrying it horizontally does not act in the direction of motion. Work is calculated as force multiplied by distance in the direction of the force, and since the force and distance are perpendicular in this case, the work done is zero.

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It gave the public the impression that there was popular support for anit-Jewish measures. Also there were no international complaints.

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It must be shorter than the width of four fingers (horizontally from the little finger to the index finger). You must also make an officer aware of it if you are being searched.

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