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The final price of the item, including the discount and sales tax, is: $73.44

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2010-07-13 13:23:58
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Q: An item listed for 80 will go on sale for 15 percent off if the sales tax is 8 percent what is the final price of the item?
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49.99 with 25 percent off plus 5.5 percent sales tax?

The final price is $39.55

What is 350.00 with an 8 percent percent sales tax?

A $350.00 item with an added sales tax of 8% results in a final price of $378.00.

What is the final price of a speed bike whose original price was 150.00 with a10 percent discount and a 6 percent sales tax?


What is 80 dollars on sale at 30 percent off and an 8 percent sales tax on the discounted price?

The final total will be $60.48

What is the Final purchase price of Sales tax on 34.00 with the tax rat at 5.6 percent?

The total tax is $1.90 and the total price with tax is $35.90

What is the final price for a pair of 39.50 jeans after 5 percent sales tax has been added?

39.50 * 1.05 = 41.48

How much is the sales tax if the price is 17.00 and the sales tax is 7 percent?

The sales tax adds $1.19 to the price.

What is the final total if the cost of an item is 2950.00 and the sales tax is 6 percent?

The total tax is $177.00 and the total price with tax is $3,127.00.

If sales price is 200 percent of cost how do you work out what the cost is?

Divide Sales Price by 200% (ie 2). So cost is half of sales price.

The final cost of an item was 50 This included 6 percent sales tax What was the price of the item before tax?

The total tax is $2.83 and the price before tax was $47.17.

What is the regular price if sale price is 47.60 and the disccount rate is 30 percent?

The sales price is 70 percent of regular price , so 70/100*regular price = sales price (47.60)on solving we get regular price = 68

What is the sales price if the price is 295 and it is 15 percent off?

The sale price will be $250.75

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