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No, but they are labeled as not to scale if they are not to scale. Most of them are to scale.

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Q: Are all figures on the SAT drawn to scale?
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Why does a scale drawing have to be proportional?

because otherwise it's not drawn to a consistent scale in all directions

On a map scale how many miles would 2.5 inches equal?

It depends on the scale to which the map has been drawn. Not all maps are the same scale.

Which nouns are in the sentence All maps are drawn to a certain scale?

The nouns in the sentence are:maps, subject of the sentence;scale, object of the preposition 'to'.

How many flat surfaces has the square?

Only one. All squares are figures drawn entirely on a flat surface.

Which of the rectangle the square the circle and the parallelogram which doesn't fit?

The circle doesn't fit because it is a curve. The other figures are drawn with line segments; they're polygons. In fact, the other figures are all quadrilaterals.

What does the scale factor between two similar figures tell you about the perimeters?

if you add up all the sides but in a smart way

Tetrahedron drawn to scale?

A tetrahedron, drawn to scale would be a two dimensional projection of a tetrahedron. It would be bigger or smaller than the original - depending on the scaling factor. It would comprise four points, no three on a straight line, in which all six pairs of points are joined together.

What is a figure in which all line segments that can be drawn between points on the figure are not contained in the figure?

It is a concave figure, which can only be formed in figures with four or more lines (quadrilaterals and above).

What term in geometry is in this definition Two figures are similar if and only if they have all their corresponding scale factor are congruentand all their corresponding are proportional?

Not sure about geometry but the definition contains a redundant repetition.

Clone Trooper action figures are part of which sci-fi collectible series?

Clone Trooper action figures are part of Echo and Fives Sixth Scale Figure set. Sideshowtoy website have all the sideshow collectibles available for your choice.

How do you get all skylanders in skylanders spyros adventures online?

You have to buy all the figures then type in the codes you get with the figures then you will have all the figures online!

Can congruent figures be similar figures?

All congruent figures are similar figures, and have identical sizes.