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Q: Are all sides the same of an octagon?
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Are all sides of an octagon the same size?

Not necessarily. If all sides are the same size, and all angles are also the same, then it is called a "regular octagon". But an irregular octagon is still an octagon - the only requirement is that it have 8 sides.

How does a not regular octagon look like?

An octagon has eight sides. A regular octagon is one that has eight sides of equal length, and all the angles are of the same measure. Anything else - sides that are not all the same length, or not all angles the same - would be a non-regular octagon.

What are the properties of a regular octagon?

A regular octagon has 8 sides similarly to an octagon. The name regular octagon means that all angles are the same, therefore inferring that all sides are of equal length.

Can an octagon look different?

An octagon is any figure that has 8 sides, no one said that all of the sides had to be the same length.

Does an octagon have all same side lengths?

Only a regular octagon will have 8 equal sides.

Is an octagon regular or irregular?

An octagon can be either regular or irregular. A regular octagon in a 2-dimensional closed figure with eight sides, all of which are the same length. This means that all the angles are the same, too. An irregular octagon is a 2-dimensional closed figure with eight sides, but at least two of the sides are of different length. All sides can be of different lengths.

A shape with 8 sides but the angles and corners are not the same?

A shape with eight sides is always an octagon. If all angles and sides are equal, it is called a regular octagon.

What is the difference between a octagon and a regular octagon?

A regular octagon's angles and sides are all the same. As in the angles are the same, and the lengths of each side are the same. And irregular is basically the opposite of that.

What is a a shape with 8 sides?

An eight-sided plane figure is an octagon. If the sides are all the same length, and the angles are all equal, it is a regular octagon.

Is a octagon equilateral?

Only if all the SIDES are EQUAL in length. Equi -> Equal Lateral -> Sides To actually answer the question: An octagon has all sides the same length and its internal angles are all the same size. All regular polygons except for a triangles are equilateral.

What is the sum of measures of an octagon?

It depends how long each side is. An octagon's sides do not have to all be the same length, they can vary from octagon to octagon. A regular octagon's sides are all equal so the sum of their measures would be 8 times the length of any one side..

Does a octagon have 4 congruent sides?

It could. If it is a regular polygon then all sides and angels are the same.