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No. A lot of physic has to do with equations and math. Physics will be easier if you are good at math. I was for me :)

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Q: Are you bad at physics if you are good at mathematics?
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Are you bad at calculus physics and engineering if you are good at basic mathematics?

Not necessarily.

Why are some people good at mathematics but bad at physics?

either they are stupid or maybe its physiological...

Why is it that some people who are bad at math are good at physics?

Must be conceptual physics as physics has one language and that language is mathematics. I have never known a physicists that was not good at math.

Will physics chemistry and engineering be hard for you as an individual if you are good with mathematics but a bad essay writer?

No, it will not be hard.

Is it true that if you are an individual who is good with mathematics but bad at essays you will fail physics as well as chemistry and engineering?


Are you bad at physics and engineering if you are good at mathematics?

Of course not. Certainly, you won't be bad at physics or engineering BECAUSE OF your math skills. You NEED math for physics, and both math and physics for engineering, so somebody who is not good at math is more likely to have trouble with physics or engineering.

Does being good at mathematics handicap you from chemistry and physics and engineering?

You HAVE to be good at mathematics to be good at chemistry, physics and engineering. It's not a handicap, it's a necessity.

3 contributions to mathematics from Albert Einstein?

To bad those are all contributions to physics, not mathematics.

Is it bad to be good at mathematics specifically speaking?

It is not bad to be good at mathematics. It is specifically good.

Is it true that if you are good at mathematics you WILL FAIL physics chemistry and engineering?


Is it true that even if you are good at mathematics you will still fail physics chemistry and engineering?

No, it is not true. It is false. In order to PASS physics, chemistry, and engineering, you must be pretty good at mathematics.

Is it true that if you are good at mathematics you will fail physics and engineering?

You'll certainly not fail physics BECAUSE you are good at math - you NEED math for physics and engineering.

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