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Q: Can a prime number ever be abundant?
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Can an Abundant number be a prime number?

No, all prime numbers are deficient.

Why can a prime number not be abundant?

Prime numbers are abundant, in fact there is an infinite about of prime numbers. There is just and infinitely greater amount of non-prime numbers.

Is number 11 an abundant and why?

No. All prime numbers are deficient.

Does a prime number multiplied by a prime number ever result in a prime number?


Is the prouduct of two prime numbers ever a prime number?


Can a prime number ever be even?

Just the number 2. #2 is even and prime.

Which is the worlds biggest prime number?

There is no biggest prime number: they go on for ever.

Is prime number an abundant number or deficient number?

All prime numbers are going to be deficient, because remember that a prime number's only factors are one and itself. To find if its deficient or abundant, you'd add up all of its factors, excluding itself. If its only other factor beside itself is one, that's obviously less than the number, and therefore it will be deficient.

Will you ever find another even prime number?

NO. 2 is the only even prime number.

Is 60 an abundant number or a perfect number?

60 is abundant.

How can 74 become an abundant number?

If a number is not abundant it cannot be made abundant!

Is the product of two prime numbers ever a prime number explain?

A prime number has exactly two factors, 1 and the number itself. 1 is not a prime number, and the product will be a composite number if any other prime is used as a factor and multiplied by another prime.

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