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yes it can it actually has 2 pairs of consecutife sides that are congruent

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Q: Can a rectangle have consecutive sides that are congruent?
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A rectangle has consecutive sides that are congruent?

No. A rectangle has opposite sides congruent. If consecutive sides are also congruent, then your rectangle is a square.

What is a rectangle with two consecutive sides congruent?

A square.

Does a rectangle have consecutive sides congruent?

Not unless it's a square.

Does a rectangle always have congruent sides?

The answer is no, if a rectangle's sides were congruent, it would be a square not a rectangle.

Does a rectangle have all congruent sides?

No, rectangles do not have congruent sides. Squares have congruent sides.

Does a rectangle have to have four congruent sides?

No, a rectangle has to have four congruent angles.

Are the consecutive angles of a rectangle are congruent?

yes, all angles of a rectangle are 90 degrees and therefore congruent

What is a quadrilateral with two pairs of consecutive sides congruent?

Either a square, rectangle, or parallelogram fit this description.

What is rectangle with congruent sides?

"Square. Congruent means "the same". A rectangle with 4 sides that are the same is a square." Plus, it is not a rectangle. It is a polygon. The question should have been stated: What is a polygon with congruent sides?

In what quadrilaterals are consecutive and opposite angles always congruent?

Square and Rectangle

Do kites have congruent consective sides?

2 pairs of consecutive congruent sides

Are all sides congruent in a quadrilateral or parallelogram or rectangle or rombus or square?

a parallelogram, rectangle, rombus, and square all are quadrilaterals. a quadrilateral means a shape with 4 sides. only 2 sides are congruent in a parallelogram 2 sides are congruent in a rectangle 4 sides are congruent in a rombus 4 sides are congruent in a square