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The form is not specified in the question so it is hard to tell. But two parabolas with different vertices can certainly have the same axis of symmetry.

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2013-11-05 12:58:00
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Q: Can two parabolas of the form with different vertices have the same axis of symmetry?
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How many axis of symmetry in a pentagon?

5 symmetry axis

Which point of parabola is on the axis of symmetry?

Its extremum is on its axis of symmetry.

What is axis of symmetry?

What is axis of symmetry? the axis of symmetry is a line that divides a planar figure into two congurent reflected halves

How many axis of symmetry are in a regular hexagon?

Six.Three lines joining pairs of opposite vertices andthree joining the midpoints of opposite sides.

What does a design have to maintain when it is rotated about an axis lying in its plane in order to have reflectional symmetry?

It maintains the location of each of its vertices and lines (or curves) in space.

Axis of symmetry in a 6 polygon?

An irregular hexagon has no axes of symmetry. A regular hexagon, on the other hand, has 6 axes of symmetry: three lines joining the midpoints of opposite sides, and three lines joining opposite vertices.

How many axis of symmetry have a circle?

there are 4 axis of symmetry in a circle

What are some examples of symmetry in math?

The axis of symmetry. Which is a line that you can reflect two functions of off the axis of symmetry.

What is an axis of symmetry?

An axis of symmetry is any of one or more lines about which a geometric figure is symmetrical.

What is a diagonal line of symmetry called?

Axis of symmetry.

Does a can of soda have both axis of symmetry and plane symmetry?

If you ignore the print, then it has a plane of symmetry (possibly) but not an axis of symmetry. If you ignore the print and the "pop-top" part, then it has both.

What is the axis of symmetry of a quadratic equation?

If a quadratic function has the points (-4,0) and (14,0), what is equation of the axis of symmetry?

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