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No, you can't. Although similar in concepts, Pre-Calculus is more advanced than Algebra 2. Algebra 2 is taken between Algebra 1 and Geometry or after Geometry and before Pre-Calculus. The reason that you can't take both at the same time is because of the curriculum. Pre-Calculus does not spend nearly as much time on linear topics (linear equations, linear programming, etc.) as Algebra 2 does. Pre-Calculus also almost always is 2 courses in one: Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry. Algebra 2 has very little, if any, trig. Topics that they have in common are quadratics equations/functions, polynomial equations/functions, rational functions, exponential & logarithmic functions (sometimes these are not covered in Algebra 2), possibly conic sections in Algebra 2, definitely in Pre-Calculus, factoring, and probability/sequences/series/statistics. In addition to trigonometry, pre-calculus also covers polar and parametric topics (these will NEVER NEVER NEVER be seen in Algebra 2) and an introduction to limits. So, you must take Algebra 2 before pre-calculus. If you want to take 2 math courses in 1 year, try algebra 1 and geometry (not very common), algebra 2 and geometry (somewhat common), and some schools allow honors students with a solid A in Algebra 2 (assuming you took Algebra 2 before Geometry, this differs between schools) allow you to take geometry and pre-calculus in the same year. The study of proofs is not a major topic in pre-calculus, and proofs make up a majority of geometry.

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Q: Can you take precalculus and algebra 2 trig at the same time?
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I think is better to take precalculus first, then take calculus. When you take calculus, it is better to take it in three different semesters, first caculus1, then calculus2 and 3. If you go step by step, I think is better to appropriate the knowledge. If you have enough time to study, then do not hurry up. However, if you believe in yourself that you can do it, based on your previous knowledge, then do it.

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No. Pre-algbrea is for kids who need to go deeper then one-time notes. Intergrated algebra is like an advance math class.

Can you skip geometry and just go on to algebra 2?

In many schools, geometry comes before algebra 2. You can ask your school if you can take geo online or at your own time. If you plan to take algebra 2 and trig, it is helpful to take geo.

Would you recommend taking college algebra and trigonometery at the same time?

Honestly I wouldn't... College Algebra in itself is difficult. However, you might not think so, but it does come with a heavy workload which would second my opinion too. Trig is on a whole new level with math. It also has a heavy work load, and it is twice as more difficult as Algebra. Take your time and choose one, first.. then wait and take the other.

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Linear Algebra is a branch of mathematics that enables you to solve many linear equations at the same time. For example, if you had 15 lines (linear equations) and wanted to know if there was a point where they all intersected, you would use Linear Algebra to solve that question. Linear Algebra uses matrices to solve these large systems of equations.

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Take notes, and get Cliff Notes on Alegebra

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Can a freshman succeed in Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra 2 at the same time?

Yes, a freshman with determination and good study habits can handle 2 honors classes at the same time.