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Yes - double, then double and then double again is the same as multiplying by 8.

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Q: Can you use doubles to find the products of all the multiplication facts about 8?
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How can you use the multiplication facts about 3 to help you find the multiplication facts about 9?


Where can I find multiplication facts worksheets?

Yes, i can point you in the right direction. please follow this link so you can find some multiplication facts worksheets sheets:

What is a multiplication facts can you double to find 4×7?

What is a multiplication fact that can you double to find 4×7

What are some multiplication facts to find 43?


How can you use multiplicaion fact to find division fact?

you can use multiplication facts to find division facts by dividing your divisor and your quotient to find your answer.

How can you use 2x10 to find 4x10 multiplication facts?

How can you use 2x10 to find 4x10

What multiplication facts can help you find 3X9?

The fact that 3 x 9 = 27

How can you use multiplication facts 1 and 2 to find 3 x 7?

The "multiplication facts" may be numbered differently in different textbooks, so it is really hard to guess what multiplication facts you are talking about. Better use the standard names, for example, "commutative property", "associative property", etc. For a multiplication such as 3 x 7, you either memorize the tables, your you do the repeated addition (3 x 7 = 7 + 7 + 7, that is, 7 appears 3 times as an addend.)

Can multiplication be distributive over subtraction?

Multiplication can be the first step when using the distributive property with subtraction. The distributive law of multiplication over subtraction is that the difference of the subtraction problem and then multiply, or multiply each individual products and then find the difference.

How can you use the multiplication facts about 3 to find multiplication facts about 9?

3 is 1 third of nine. so for 1x9 just do 1x3 and times the answer by 3. 1x3=3 and 3x3=9 so 1x9=9. 2x3=6 and 6x3=18 so 9x2=18 and so on and so on.

What two multiplication facts can be added to find 3X9?

break the nine into to numbers (3 and 6 because 3+6=9) Mulitply both of these numbers by 3 3x3=9 6x3=18 Then add together the products of the two numbers 18+9=27

What are the 5 numbers that are both divisible of 2 and 3?

6.12,18,24,30,36 just go through the 3 multiplication facts and find the even ones and there's your answer.