DO CHICKENS only lay eggs

Updated: 9/18/2023
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1 answer: Well,all female bird lay eggs. not the males. 2 answer:yes chickens only lay eggs, and nothing else (but they do poop)

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Q: DO CHICKENS only lay eggs
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Do all chickens lay eggs?

The females from all breeds of chickens lay eggs. Some hens stop laying when they are old, but there are no breeds or varieties of chickens in which the females do not lay eggs. Roosters, as the male of the species, never lay eggs.

Do Male Chickens Lay Eggs?

NO, they are only equipped to fertilize them.

Do boy hens lay eggs am trying to say do boy hens lay eggs all year?

Hens are mom chickens and roosters are dad chickens. Only mom chickens, hens, lay eggs. They lay eggs all year.

What is the correct pronoun for - the chickens lay lots of eggs?

What is the pronoun for the chickens lay lots of eggs

Do chickens have to mate to lay eggs?

Chickens do not need to mate in order to lay eggs. Hens will lay eggs regardless of whether or not they have mated with a rooster. However, if a hen does mate with a rooster, the eggs can be fertilized and potentially hatch into chicks.

Does a bandy rooster lay on the eggs in the nest while the hens are not?

No, a bandy rooster does not lay eggs. Only hens can lay eggs as they are the female chickens. Roosters do not have the ability to lay eggs.

Why don't meat king chickens lay eggs?

Simple logic: Meat queen chickens lay eggs; meat king chickens lay meat queen chickens.

Do chickens lay watermelons?

no they lay eggs THEY DON'T!! but some chickens lay eggs that turn into chicks over time

What color eggs do top hat chickens lay?

Top Hat chickens will lay white eggs only. Their eggs are mostly larger sized. Each Top Hat chicken should lay around 200 eggs each per year.

Do cockerels lay eggs?

No, cockerels do not lay eggs. Only female chickens, known as hens, are capable of laying eggs. Cockerels are male chickens and their primary role is to fertilize eggs laid by hens.

Do you like eggs?

only if they are boiled .... OUR CHICKENS LAY EGGS ( from a diff person to the boiled eggs )

Why dont chickens lay as much eggs in wet weather?

Chickens may lay fewer eggs in wet weather due to the stress it can put on their bodies. Wet conditions can make chickens uncomfortable, leading to decreased egg production. Additionally, moisture can affect the quality of the eggs laid, making the chickens less inclined to lay as many.