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There is no difference between them they are same rate constant is another name of specific rate constant

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Q: Difference between rate constant and specific rate constant?
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How do you differentiate between reaction rate and specific rate constant?

The reaction rate is the rate at which the moles of substance change that varies with both temperature and concentration of the reactants. The specific rate constant is a proportionality constant that will vary only with temperature.

What is the difference between constant rate and varying rate?

constant rate means that rate which is fixed and can not be changed. varying rate is that rate which is not fixed and can be change easily.

Differentiate between rate constant and specific reaction rate?

The rate constant include all parameters ((but not concentration) affecting the rate of a chemical reaction.The expression "specific reaction rate" is used when the molar concentration of reactants is a unit.

Define a specific rate constant?

The specific rate constant a proportionally determined constant that is usually different for various reactions with changes in temperature.

Specific rate constant?

specific rate constant is an experimentally determined proportionality constant which is different for different reactions and changes only with temperature.

What is the difference between positive negative and constant rate of change?

left to right positive,right to left negative rate

Difference between average velocity and constant acceleration?

Avg velocity is the speed you are going. Constant acceleration is the rate you increase your speed. = =

Difference between rate and rate constant?

1) rate constant varies with temperature while rate varies with temperature and Concentrations of reactants.... 2) unit of rate constant depends on the order of reaction while the unit of rate of reaction is always (mol/dm3)*1/sec

What is the difference between speed and acceleration in phisycs?

Speed - is something moving at a constant rate. Acceleration is an increase of the rate an object is moving.

Does the tea cool at a constant rate?

The rate that tea cools will change with the temperature difference between the tea and the ambient temperature. The larger the difference between the two, the faster the rate will be. As the tea cools closer to room temp, the rate of cooling will decrease.

In an arithmetic sequence the constant rate of increase or decreas between successive terms is called the?

An arithmetic sequence does not have a constant rate of increase or decrease between successive terms, so it cannot be called anything!The constant increase or decrease is called the common difference.

What constitutes a constant growth stock and how it is value?

What constitutes a constant growth stock is a stock that has dividends that are expected to grow at a constant rate. The formula used to value a constant growth stock is determined by the estimated dividends that will be paid divided by the difference between the required rate of return and growth rate.

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